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Gnosis of Eve

The mind empties of all thought, and the body of so much sensation, as the self enters into a realm of pure existence and identification with the divine origins of spirit and nature. One is, in essence, aboriginal. The aboriginal female is Eve; whisper her name when you lie by your other side.
The natural force of the essential male and female is vast, dynamic and intense; a power which is harnessed through freely-given innocent obedience to the will of the creator. The story of how that power and its related privileges came to be lost is so well known that it may as well be branded on the human brain.  By living through our individual incarnation of the originals, however,  we may access a memory of the experience of being created in God’s image. The choice is there but this path through history, philosophy and every known art is hard and long like the winter, although joyful on the occasions that it is enlightening via the eternal spring and hopeful lengthening days. The evergreen forests of secret dominions survive the planes of time and breathe the light of the creation when it returns.

Eve says: “The first place I knew as a being was of wonder and beauty entirely, most clearly defined through the harmony of its nature. The first ray of sun was the daily form of awakening and by the moon did our souls relay the light. All I knew of our origin was that we came out of the deep, whilst time was known only as the passage of seasons and days; in the voices of wind and water did we discern the whispering of our omnipotent creator, our love for whom was reflected in our love for each other. Gladly did we care for other creatures, whose character and form led to their identification with a rightful share of the whole. We felt at one with our Creator, awe sweetly tempered with uncollared devotion. There were no secrets between us and with a taste of bliss did we use the gifts which afforded the senses a wholeness of perception. This completeness came with ease. Too soon would it cease to fully please.
“The loss of the same was more truly devastating than can EVER be imagined and for all of infinity I wept for the loss of pure sight, while the other spent an eternity of frustration on account of being unable to hear properly.
“What I did see in the wake of my lost paradise was that I, the first daughter, appeared to be distinctly rebellious and obviously vain, with faults of such magnitude that the parts of the Earth grated like the gnashing of teeth, to bewail with me following the loathsome discovery. Or to put it less mildly, I felt extremely guilty, which totally ruined my happiness for aeons. My relationship with the only man, who had actually prayed for my tangible existence and brought about my being through solid devotion, was characterized by mistrust and I resented him for the bitterness we felt. Reckless, heedless, bound for despair, still was I convinced that the degree of my favour as appointed companion would afford me forgiveness for any act of contravention. He, for his own part, was cruel and loved me less because of what happened, and also because he now saw me as a secondary creation and an after-thought to himself.

“We also developed unwelcome, distinct, preferences and tastes, which complicated the whole of existence whilst adding a wild-card of diversity. Bitterness is twisted is hated, is born of too much sweetness, which then becomes sour and must be taken with salt.
“With lamentable speed and thoroughness did we lose sight of the sublime perfection whence we originated, almost to the point of forgetting. It is debatable whether this lack of remembrance was a small mercy which prevented us from experiencing an eternity of piercing sorrow at the knowledge of what had once been. I doubted my ability to ever love more than I already had.
“The magic of paradise was borne on the ether, whilst beyond its walls blew every degree of pollution, so with every breath the belief was drained that elsewhere the atmosphere was sweeter. It would be the greatest test of faith for beings to maintain a grain of understanding and remembrance of complete purity, when all around is evidence of corruption that could never have existed in Eden’s lovely vale.
“We were ultimately left with a vaguer sense of loss, deep down in a place we could no longer fathom for ourselves, and yet we still turned to the lights of the sky for guidance; the impact of radiance upon our selves was strong enough to impart the sense that something, or someone, was out there, somewhere, probably above our heads, in relation to whom we could be no more than slaves. Once we were King and Queen but now the smallest creatures enjoy a fuller sense of grace. Sometimes we adored them for their closeness to innocence, other times we tormented them because we wanted to stay in command, other times we just ate them because we were hungry. Following our example, beasts went wild.
“But sometimes - generally as the seasons changed - the softly whispering breeze carries to our waiting and wondering selves the sensation that a living garden is at last on the verge of its bloom. This is our Spring, the degree of change revealing itself as a frame of precision, renewing our hope that what came to pass so long ago that it is a myth, may be on the brink of realization for the second time in a worldly generation.
“As to how it all came about in the first case, when we tragically lost the holy plot and received condemnation in place of grace and favour. Well, I was naturally inquisitive, but also naïve by nature, and totally unprepared for temptation because the concept of an evil entity was beyond the realm of my understanding. I sought to understand all things and to always please both man and God through my instinctive thoughts and deeds. It delighted man and I that I was able to express in words what his feelings were saying to his soul, and our dialogue as equals was nothing short of angelic in tone. This was before the moment when the bad things were set free and I became ashamed of my own self and grew less in stature.
“Then what came to light out of the sorry state of affairs was that one must try to do the right thing at all times, whatever the situation, even if things already seem lost or beyond salvation. Doing the right thing involves a degree in acceptance and the discernment to know what must change and what should remain. One right act has more power than a larger number of wrong ones and this is a moral law.
The story of the first man and woman was not supposed to be one of loss and shame. It was made with the intention of beauty beyond most realms of current possibility, known only by the severity of perfect wisdom with vision of an eternal kingdom from above and the splendid foundations of the universe under the victorious crown of understanding, filled with mercy, that did glory in the wonder of angels with a bride of love. Always shall it be.

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