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The Recording of History: Desire and Interpretation

The best interpretation of history is a responsibility of future generations and is integral to the essential survival of our race and all it has been charged with. We have been given a task of such size and complexity that the only way to bring it to completion is to reduce it into each atom so that the collective force may be unified from within as well as from the outside. There are always several possible interpretations.  For example:

The Wife’s Tale

They had first met in a nightclub and this is one aspect of the resulting scenario: He had watched her closely and saw how she reveled in the attention without being able to get enough of it. He later paid her so much (attention) that her senses were arrested with shock and her brain disengaged completely (in accordance with his cunning plan to take possession of her body while her mind was away with the fairies).
For a considerable amount of time her vanity was turned on its heel by the consequences of a chemistry which revealed her brain to him, with alarming consistency, as being little more than the underneath of blond hair. He was even quite impressed by her capacity for naiveté which, when coupled with her attractiveness and insatiable appetite for sex, made her an ideal receptacle for his.... His attitude was appalling but seeing as she was begging for it he saw no reason not to give her what she deserved for being such a spoilt silly madam. She was good looking; he would love her and leave her.

Equally however, the unassuming female had been presented with a rare situation, because she happened to have met this man, who made her head turn completely at first sight; a novel feeling, often imagined, never before experienced, and one which she was bound by nature to act upon. That is the way in which her mind permitted what could only be described as animalistic behaviour (She was normally restrained in this area). Solid proof from the male that the attraction was reciprocal gave her the only confirmation she needed that her instincts were based on universal laws of nature.
Total mutuality, action leading to reaction and heightened response, united the male and female and locked them in an embrace that began at a hormonal level but was not easy to explain in emotional terms. The embrace was so tight that it left no room for complications and simply registered the scientific fact that they had evolved into beings whose primary instinct was to guarantee the genetic continuation of their species by producing the strongest possible progeny through the best possible mate; as which they recognized each other. He was good looking; she would love him and leave him.

The creative instincts of the female, on the other hand, caused her to make a romance of the situation, modeled on what she'd discovered about God at the beginning of time. It is possible that women cultivate romance because that is what men desire most. In this case, when he had first set eyes on her, before he knew she had even set eyes on him, or she knew that he had actually seen her first, he saw a beautiful girl dancing and having fun and thought she was the woman of his dreams.
When she had looked up and returned his gaze they both felt the warmth of recognition, sweetly subdued by natural shyness. He hadn’t really known how to approach her, seeing as such sensitive creatures were easily frightened away, so he retreated, having had cause to learn that if a woman wanted a man, one look from him should be enough to make her follow.
His self-belief was justified and the girl had indeed sought him out for further inspection during a high point in the evening. He had then watched her talking to his friend, who had been blessed with a gift of the gab, and felt a pang of disappointment. Later in the evening, however, he understood with a thrill that it was him she wanted and not his friend. She made pointed demands for his attention and yet remained elusive when he softly touched her hand. After some hesitation (actually, as soon as they were alone) he decided to risk a bolder move, courage fuelled by sheer lust.
He was enthralled by the close proximity of pure femininity, she by the presence of a light-headed, liberated male. They felt comfortable with the establishment of their secret rapport and later on that night embarked upon the most tender and passionate of affairs which had a rollercoaster of a beginning but was destined to result in a wonderfully happy marriage and 3 gorgeous children.

But what actually happened, can you tell the outcome from this?

The first affair between the male and female began on one of the only nights of the year that the woman had decided to do whatever she liked. She roped in her friend, Steve, gave him a happy pill and took him to a club called The Cross. Stephen quickly wandered off but she had been happy dancing alone.

Peter had already seen her going through the door. Filled with ecstasy and passion, he registered the passage of an angel across his field of vision, dressed head to toe in white garments with golden hair glowing like a halo under neon lights. He had been speechless with admiration for this mad, raving beauty and by the time she saw him, he was already tracking her down. It wasn’t difficult; she was a sweeping satellite, easily picked up by his acute radar for gorgeousness.

This vision of beauty, meanwhile, who was perfectly straight in the head at that time, pulled her skin-tight black trousers up a little at the waist, carefully removing the smallest creases. The small red flowers on her inky black boob-tube merged into the subterranean darkness with ease. She told the resident DJ that she was in possession of the art of seduction. Who would have the strength to carry the weight of a concept with her?

Peter walked into the field of vision, slowly making his way towards the bar via the DJ booth.Now it was her turn to watch as he passed. Transfixed, she followed his golden head across the room, then looked away as he neared. She looked away for several seconds, then immediately looked up again following a spontaneous decision to bewitch him with her classic art. She was surprised to see he was already staring at her face, so she smiled a little, and he studied her for a few moments before buying a stiff coke. He thought she’d been smiling at somebody else.  She thought he was pretty cool as he left the room without looking back.
After a few hours of dancing alone, she realized it was time to follow him.  The seductress moved into the next room, wondering if her target would be difficult to find, but she needn’t have worried: There he was, in the middle of the room, dancing like John Travolta with the requisite space around himself.  With a thrill hitherto unknown, except by a prima ballerina upon first meeting Nureyev, the woman realised that here, finally, was a man she felt like moving with.  Seeing as she was in full possession of the art of seduction, she was able to carefully blind her chosen one with pure white beauty.  Shortly after their first meeting the woman was able to entice the male into her magic vehicle, which transported them to the First City of The Realm.

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