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Appendix 2 – Magic

1. ‘The science of love
2. 'The application of the strengthened will to accelerate the evolution of the living forces of Nature'. (Both definitions: Papus, Traite methodique de magie pratique)

Very ancient Eastern languages used words such as Mog, Megh and Magh to define that which is priestly, wise or excellent. Thence is derived the Chaldean name Maghdim, meaning supreme wisdom or divine philosophy. Thus the Greeks had the Magos (Magician) and Mageia (Magic), and by these terms they denoted higher knowledge of nature, especially with relation to religion and the science of the stars. Magicians were, literally, the Wise, the Magi; Philosophers, Shamen, Witch Doctors, Priests, Scientists, Artists, Initiates.

A discourse on magic need not be a code of practice for witches; here it is a light diversion towards an interesting subject. I was resolved to the inclusion of such a diversion because a belief in magic and/or a pantheistic sort of worship tended to precede a belief in one God for many people. By concluding with Magic I hope to bring this work to the circle of completion, for true belief is a magical experience…
Magic is, in fact, a definite element of perfected faith, but with this, as with anything else to do with mental processes, serious misinterpretation of magical potential are inherently possible. Although I can perceive that certain occurrences might have been brought about through individual will power, I am also aware that all things natural and supernatural have really been brought about through God’s will, as revealed through natural laws. To separate the individual, personal power, from that of God, would be divisive in essence, and therefore an act of darkness, whereas the channelling of the divine spirit through the self is a wholly different, positive action.
The woman had a deep and abiding passion for music and so would keep sacred in her heart a place for the Shaman, knowing as she did that so much was shown via his highly skilled techniques, mastery of which was a vivid fascination of tantric proportions with boundless dimensions. That is not to say that other wise or illustrious men or women did not also hold primary spaces in conscious existence, but the Shaman was singular for the direct way in which he helped the woman to access an internal rhythm and fathomless understanding of movement in connection with the eternal muse.
Being in receipt of a positive energy pre-disposed the female to the art of generation through controlled seduction. The Shaman would assist her in releasing bound (because dark) energy in a spiritually viable way of light. All the magi had similar powers of transcendence, empowered by the study of divinity, but the Shaman would be her respected example, credited for eternity as a vital psychic instigator of Change.
It would be harmful to repress ancient hereditary impulses of human cultures, which in past times were psychologically dependant upon the performance of magic for various reasons. Magical rites could spring instinctively from an urge to love and be as One with the Universe, as we are all able. Subtle and manifold are the ways of magic.
On the most practical, naïve level, a lot of people may be seen conducting spells without even realising it and it is possible to conduct sublime acts in conjunction with nature as a channel for divine energy. I do not think such things always occur by chance – I believe there is a code and a key behind creation: A mysterious element to the passage of time, a multi-dimensional reality behind space.

There may be certain precursors to successful spell-conducting, including perfect spontaneous timing, heightened and receptive consciousness to the point of unconscious subordination to divinity, absolute confidence in a cosmic force. And free will together with obedience to the higher intelligence. I also think that it may well be more conducive to magical results if spells are conducted whilst the magician is in motion. I can’t really see how stasis would be more of an optimum state than movement if there is an intention to bring about transformation within it.
Although the potential is there in everyone and although the preconditions for success are not impossible to understand, one may, in theory, simply chance upon the optimum conditions for casting spells. This is the chaos theory (I think). In the Western world, the probability that success in this area may be brought about by chance may well be greater than the probability that there is a magician. Maybe there is only ONE magician, whereas surely there must be an infinite number of chances. I do not know if this is because most people have fallen out of sync with the rhythm of the universe, or because there can only BE one at any given moment. Maybe the spirit of magic, the soul of creation, moves transiently through each of us with unfathomable reason.
If we have fallen out of sync with the rhythm of the universe, does this mean that there is another universe with perfect timing at this moment. How close is the zeitgeist of the earth to the plan of a higher intelligence? Does it randomly coincide – at which point we would presumably be at a peak of civilization – or must we achieve a particular state of collective being if we are to join forces with the cosmic instigator?
Here on earth, the conduction of spells seems to require something more than natural rhythm alone, flowing constantly and unconsciously. The magician must also be in conjunction with the preternatural rhythm of parallel universes. Sikala, Niskala; seen and unseen.  This tends to happen spontaneously, put into effect when the individual atomic spirit coincides naturally with the universally complete one. When it happens, the process of casting spells can be generated. I don’t know how often it happens or precisely what the limitations are.
The optimum state for casting spells might be an open and receptive frame of mind, together with sharp wits and spontaneous action. Perfect external conditions for might involve travelling at speed through a tunnel of trees with woodland on either side of the road and tree-tops that bend to touch one another, over a distance of about 50 yards. A strong musical element would, I imagine, contribute to the beauty of the moment, carrying invocations through the realm where power could bring forth a desired result. It could be said that music has been, is, and will once more be, a massively sympathetic catalyst for the performance of magic. Many spells might otherwise remain unfinished.
Location may have a bearing on the efficacy of spells. It is well known that certain places are considered ‘special’, because of their inherent natural or supernatural properties or special connotations. Some places have particular meaning only to individuals, because they contain strong memories or associations, while are others are special in their own right. These may be places of great natural beauty or with prominent natural features that combine to create a potent atmosphere.
The right blend of atmosphere can arouse strong feelings or impressions in living things. Travelling along ley lines may also increase one’s chances of being the magician. In my case, spinning was the key. The engagement of either one or all of the five physical senses makes all the difference. Mediation is useful too as it opens the mind onto gateways of perception.
I would imagine that I was a creature being chased at the speed of sound, running to survive, in a world where survival of the fittest was the only law. In this way would I travel towards an optimum state of evolutionary advancement, through activation of the genetic code that enables transformation to a higher state of consciousness. By testing the will and intelligence beyond the point at which they would normally fail, a message would be sent to the fundamental DNA responsible for the progression of a given species.
For example, if I began the mediation as a small bird high in the sky, my predator would be a bird of prey, hot on my tail but out of sight – always a short step behind. In a split second I would have to find another physical form for my spiritual energy. Faced with numerous choices I would take the nearest critical path towards survival. So, if I happened to be above a fast flowing river at the moment of gravest danger, instinct would cause me to take a precision dive into the waters, into the body of a darting fish.
Following me into this new element, my lethal shadow would enter into a suitable form higher up the food chain. A bigger fish. Trouble in the water would naturally propel me towards the shore, where by a stroke of good fortune I would make contact with a lone white pony, which might have led itself to drink of the crystal water. Then my only master would be man. The evolutionary race might take many minutes in the mind and move through an astonishing array of energy transfers, links made through time and space, the collective unconsciousness of living things.
When once I cast a spell, I was not alone but with John, who also understood such things. I do not think that spells require a human witness in order to be effective, for God is the only witness one needs, but the longing to share the universal experience with another might provide a motive for the enactment. For my own part, it happened spontaneously, but I was especially receptive because I wished to impress the one I loved; in much the same way as I tried to impress Peter when I wrote his name in the stars.

I saw my spell as a thing of mystery and beauty; maybe I make too big a deal out of it, but at the time I had never known anything like it, and I’ve only seen it once more since – probably through an accident as much as anything else.
I drove John into the magical wooded tunnel in the last moment of daylight, the setting sun in our wake. ‘Like a soul without a mind, in a body without a heart’, was being sung to us over the radio. At precisely the centre of all things I turned my head to the left as he turned his head to the right, and said the word at exactly the moment it occurred: “Night!”, whereupon the last ray left the Earth and we emerged from the tunnel to the sight of the silvery moon and the diamond-like even-star.

The word was a whisper contained within was the enigma of twilight. Both of us knew exactly what had happened. Before it took place we felt anticipation but did not know why; there had been no actual knowledge, though perhaps foreknowledge. The fundamental condition of light magic is a natural thing: innocence.
It may however be true that magic is not so much generated by an individual as it is conducted through one by a higher cosmic power in conjunction with the forces of nature; the most one can expect to be, I would imagine, is an instrument of the divine will. I dare say it is still permissible to celebrate feelings of oneness with the universal creation and to call it conducting spells.
‘Magic’ may be a natural thing or it may be mere coincidence. They’re all the same thing in the end, it’s a matter of perception, but if you believe you can conduct spells and can interpret things in a way which confirms your view, then who can say you are wrong? The proof is there, day became night, night becomes day.

Adoration of truth permits an escape from death in the evolution of consciousness

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