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 “No longer are they children, under compulsion from the stars” (Justin)

When the aeon finally spoke it was said:

“And you that we love may live our dream. Lest the dream should die with the passing of our age it shall be written that destiny has flooded through the gates again of earthly paradise. In words, thou art free, and satisfied are we that our will to be done is now in place for you to make with us the final journey. The fortune was our dream and thy most dearly beloved did taste the wine of your success, according to your loving intent, whilst thee do shape the future with each beating of the sacred heart. Always shall we remain in your mind as fulfillment for the giving of the dream.
“Your gardens has been watered with the tears of earthly love. The muse of ancient melodies, forgotten when the Earth revealed her age, shall resound throughout thy place, forever scented with the roses of your youth. With beauty thou hast prayed and we would feel the love which sent homage to our fathomless place.
“Whence came your yearning but from memories of the fated realms? Seven styles created in the clouds of starry skies shall be the wonder of elections made through each presiding scion of our race. Our message is released and comes in time, the light doth relay the promise and yes, we are certain, the coming shall be quick.
What is seen now on Earth shall be seen again in eternity, the realm of pure being. From the eyes of every being shines a brilliant and penetrating, silvery white light.




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