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This is an invocation of higher powers, a blend of mystical aspiration and musical impulses; knowledge through revelation and magical conduct.  It is the letter from myself to everyone, the fulfillment of a promise made at the turning of an age, to share my hidden secrets with the world.  Within is a conscious account of true states, an original transcript of enlightenment, a journey of the psyche from origin to infinity.  By these words shall I show that I exist, for to think that I am is less than I can be.  May the magic door be opened once more and show each and everyone the beauty of the realm.


What soul isn't in default?  Can you afford not to make the magical study which happiness is?  Do you hear the cock when he crows?  Do you  know the charge, that you shall have no envy, that your life has its orders, that the seasons seize you too, that no body and soul are one if they are not wrought in this retort?  That otherwise efforts are efforts?  And that the hour of your flight will be the hour of your death   (Charles Olson, from Variations done for Gerald van de Wiele)

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