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The Ego and the Visit to Heaven on a Light Stream of Consciousness

 Any description or discussion of the ego should bring out the existence of male and female as separate entities that were as one in the first created being. Until the Father of the universe and world decreed that it was not good for the being to be alone – all-one – and divided the one into two: This division left the two with an utterly irresistible longing to be reunited and then expand through multiplication. The male ego should meet in the female a force which is balancing and equal; sufficiently opposite to be complementary and fulfilling with a beautifully harmonic unifying seam, akin to the rising or setting sun, which would perfectly fuse day with night.
At first encounter, the male and female parts are apt to see first the mystery in one another, the irresistible attraction of that which is undiscovered being emphasized by perceived beauty. Reality would seem less than clear at times when it is seen standing in relation to the model form of transcendent beauty, which is almost unbelievable because of its perfection and might, therefore, render the eye of the beholder irrational with desire for that which it might never fully attain.
The shining spirit would love to find a surface upon which to act, so narcissism - the desire of self to be seen in or through the other by way of reflection - might well determine the course of many a meeting of egos or selves. The flesh requires a reaction in order to survive, but love is felt to have no reasonable limit, in that it can transcend the boundaries distinguishing fantasy from reality - even a relatively ‘normal’ or ordinary affair may thus be transformed into a drama of epic proportions. Or indeed, an ongoing soap-opera of interminable proportions.
The undesirable consequences of seeing the world as a stage may be assuaged somewhat when enactment is made with stoicism in order that tragedy might be gracefully accepted, along with the rest, by way of sacrifice before the (definably Epicurean) pleasure principles.
Before humans become independent, the living through of mythology and cosmic actions of the psyche were a means for attaining fulfilment; a life akin to that of the stars.
I grew up in the same way that most people do (being to become a little one exaggerated) and engaged with the perpetual drama of life during a major developmental stage of my existence. My coming of age. Tragedy and comedy were in full effect and there were even touches of horror. At heart, however, I lived a romance.
The force of the drama was irresistible but the object, reality, was immovable. Only with hindsight did I see the truth in Justin’s words: “when we were children, (we) were in bondage under the elements of the world”. By every force of nature was I held captive, even as I found freedom in love.
Beauty does touch the spirit deeply and derives from beyond the earthly realm in elements that are not to be spoken of except discretely. Beyond the domains of colour and sound does it reside, and it is to be hoped that the practice of art should be a mirror for beauty, naturally transcendent, infinite in depth and yet fleeting, because it is an eternal unfolding of love’s law, the keeper of our freedom.
There is a reason behind such indulgences, which is discovery and knowledge of the self through key memories and a summary of experience; rejuvenation through synoptic vision: With this I saw the ways in which beings exist to reflect and represent their divinity, as they are ‘true light from true light’.
The quest for immortality has been an obsession (or at least a major concern) of human beings throughout the history of the world and dreams, which caused as many to determine their own existence as it has led others to trust in fate. Identification of the self with the universe is one way of achieving immortality, in the absence of any concrete or notable form of achievement. Like aspects of the light we may be as the sad and dusty moon with our perception, able only to reflect the light of effective beings, dark within ourselves. Equally though we might act in power as do the sun and other stars, or be affected by the light in our natures and thus grow accordingly.
For lunar entities, proximity to the source and the strength of that which issues light determines the quality of reflection, whilst determination itself is what brings about power from within. (See above, for conveyance through a near existence). Oneself as a source of light is something that would be felt at the centre of the body, the mind, or other points where the energy may be concentrated, as the internal glowing force projects outwards seeking self-generative, furthering, reactions. The past and the future are seen and unseen, while the gift is only here in the present moment. In the centre one must rest - equal to all others - with the past in place behind, the future faced lightly, and the present treated as the eternal gift of God in ourselves.
Hence, coming now – following - is a tale of manifestation that may seem tall. It is therefore recommended that the individual becomes high before reading it, perhaps with the help of some essential subjective tuning or inspiring inhalation of latent atmospheric potential:

"Passion will find and recover lost distance,
become with your mind.  Become, Solar-System".

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