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Statement of actuality given from the edge of the expanding universe


So were these relayed discretely,
Through the sonic. Inner sight,
Was replayed to thought completely,
As was breached the endless night.
Through the selves were shown entire
Souls. Restriction bore no seed.
In this way were formed transactions,
Light inscriptions, outline deeds.
The form would be abbreviated,
So as to check the lengthy waves.
Speech in time was just dilated,
Whilst in speed was sound delayed.
Complex tones intensified
According to subjective distance -
At the turn of some was tried
Conveyance through a near existence.
Thus, that moon was made receptive,
Through the dark, to distant stars,
Whilst illumined, Mars and Venus
Showed up gates as bells made stars.

This statement of actuality given from the edge of the expanding universe is uncorrupt, even as a translation, despite the fact that it is constantly changing and without definition beyond virtual reality. Messages such as this, in conjunction with pure mind definition, have arrived so as to transcend space and time by means of an asymmetric code and inspired impulses, and are characterized through dynamic recognition. (Devotional tone was imparted sensually, whilst to come into existence invokes a novel form of communication).
It was recently recalled that this might be partially due to a connection with Sirius; in any case I would choose to at least mention the name by way of giving credit to the influence of Egyptians to a current or vital stream - of consciousness. There are others, indeed, but this is one of the strongest sources of energy known to date. Now we are truly involved with something, but have no fear, for remember the prior statement of intent, and the invocation of divine beings for protection whilst in the outermost and innermost realms. It is true that you may have been captivated, but do not doubt your potential for freedom of understanding; the minefield has been cleared already and safe passage is possible now for all beings to the heavenly state.
Complete and incomplete works, fragmentary episodes and glimpses of character, are material remains of past sources, although it is not always the case that whatsoever appeared first, on a current standard (linear scale) has been eclipsed by whichever came later yet is similar; originals, as models, have a special and dramatic resonance. The spirit of the source is disparate in many ways and unified in one. No source is unreasonable and a myth is no less than a dream lived out in the nature of being. The study of sources has led to introductions with valuable acquaintances, which serve in order that they might live on in future generations - eternal in so much as they are true to form.
Sources within this book are usually included in spirit as much as in name, except in those instances where personal recognition was justifiably called for. In many cases the original interlocutor would become a subjective manifestation only after essential recovery was made of the representative source - occasionally a laborious process, which would nonetheless be justified and rewarded as recognition dawned with welcoming (even joyous) light on cultural icons.
One of these would receive outright mention, with permission, the same being Socrates, Platonic speaker, for he has been so openly accessible and bright then as he could be forever. There is an anecdote regarding this great character, which goes as such:
Once before examinations (in accordance with the subject and student) Socrates was virtually carried across the gulf between the ancient and modern worlds - a perilously bizarre feat if ever there was one, which necessitated both readiness on the part of the tutor and great resourcefulness on the part of the student, who first made light of his situation then thoughtfully completed the mission stage with carefully controlled steps rather than an unbalanced leap.
There was an invisible line by which the crossing could be made. The mission was unequivocally successful and the faithful bringer of ancient wisdom accepted with charm the invitation to observe, with privilege, masters at work, for all wished to be carried into the future. The gulf was consequently reformed as one safe passage of history through which connections could be made with the alpha stage of infinity - the precedence of certain thought through dialogue with the uncreated.
It has therefore been observed that from the relationship between two emanates a third, which is sublime. What is more, is that this is known for sure.

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