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The Beginning

People have learnt that love can be dangerous and painful, just as it can be tender and sublime; but pain is sometimes said to purify love, and this fine resolution allows for new life and love to appear, echoed by the former living dream and not its shadow.
The presence of a new man in the person of Peter, sleeping beside her on the waterbed, succeeded in destroying the woman’s fear.  In him she recognized the living gift of faith, hope and love as through resurrection. Having died of a broken heart already he showed her that she now had the choice of learning to live again. It was easier said than done, but step by step they managed and she was thankful for the second chance.
Following her calamitous first affair the female was now determined for survival to have a mate who would make himself known through surety of spirit.  She considered abstractly the model quartet of creatures and their meaning in life…
The first considered was a faithful oxen, solid guardian of the Earth, wise and noble bastion of ultimate strength, indefatigable eternal representation of the steadfast element, undaunted by the trials of the earth or terrors of the spirit. Another, the proud Lion, massive of heart and willing to die in defence of the realm, king-like and glorious, protective of others and honoured above all on his fiery plane. But then there was also the visionary eagle, singular ruler of heightened perception with dominion over the sky, whose wings unfold to embrace the ether with movements that transcend all space and time through a flight path more remarkable than a planetary revolution…
But these three had been positioned in other corners and so the woman saw at last that there on the right was just man, with whom alone, as one again, she might plunge fully into the sea of love.
There were times when she thought about the awesome sea and how stormy it could be; In her mind’s eye she saw the two of them standing on the shore, calmer themselves than the ocean, studying the size of each wave.

It would be considered, in a relatively short space of time, that their shared potential for the achievement of a wondrous final destination was worth the risk involved with exploring uncharted waters. The water bed rippled softly and seductively as the woman half remembered something as she drifted away into the land of nod…

'To form a prism with eternal guidelines by highlighting that the refraction of pure white light is seen as a transformation of that which is invisible into a true manifestation from………limit, in that it can transcend the boundaries which distinguish fantasy from reality'.

Her lover , meanwhile, slumbered peacefully in total oblivion and was none the worse for it.

The woman’s fabulous state of sleep ended before too long when she was awoken, in double-quick time and the least desirable way, by a cacophony of bells ringing loudly. The man slept on peacefully and now she felt restless, fighting to resist the noise in order to be submerged once more by the velvet oblivion.
Paradoxically, upon cessation of the noise, which reached an astonishing crescendo almost an hour later, the lover awoke lazily. After giving force to her faith with the new dawn, he transfixed them both in those early hours with the passionate condition of beauty.

As a consequence of otherwise excessive beauty was this song written by one for the beloved, before the beloved was truly revealed as having come into being through an activated prayer. By definition, untrammelled desire emerged from darkness undaunted by its own peculiarity.

I need you as the trumpet needs the lips of the artist to release its voice to the winds of space. I love you as the single orange flower loves the bee that would draw nectar from its fragile heart. I would raise to you the highest pinnacle of desire, whilst you, for us both, shall make known the deepest channels of my self.
Between us may the universe arise out of ever expanding love with beauty. Thus, the nightingale sings my song more sweetly than could I, arresting with purity the creature of my desire. In this evening prayer is the cry of hope that once in a lifetime you will stop to hear my call.
With the ancient power of infinite longing for love I shall toast my beloved with a secret promise, the previously forgotten remnant in the recess of my soul. It is that my love, so nearly discovered, might see me as his bride. May he breathe in from my skin the scent of paradise as we move in the sacred dance for a duration of our eternity

The man and the woman had very different perspectives, though not dissimilar characters, each at an extreme of understanding, each with a carefully constructed view of the world, as if they were two poles embracing the centre of the earth. One saw hope with infinity and the other saw that all things were possible in the future. Things were known more surely than in earlier days for the golden promises of life drew unto themselves the force which would bring to them fulfillment. Innocent messages of hope from past ages, with their exhortations to remain steadfast in faith, revealed the power of truth in their essence
Passionate love had indeed renewed itself triumphantly as if it had always been intended for return, phoenix-like, from the ashes of a former fateful death. The miraculous revelation of this transformative happening provided dramatic evidence that prayers should be answered and prophecies would be fulfilled. The effect was more intense (yet still something akin) to that produced in uncertain ways by magic, and the man averted his eyes in its presence while the woman still trembled and waited.

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