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The Grail

 The longing of the body, mind and soul for love is something akin to the search for the holy-grail, which surely cannot found until the moment it touches one’s lips.  This is as the containment of life's blood, the liquid bodily manifestation of the love itself, divine in origin, human in regeneration.  The holy-grail has formed the basis of many a romantic tradition and is now a virtual reality through the power of myth, to an extent which has superseded its objective state.

As a sacred object the grail retains the veil of mystery.  This incomprehensible shroud - father of enigma - surrounds the elements of true faith, none of which is more powerful than the Trinity, the Holy Trinity, which was made manifest through light in the form of a crown.  For an image of God, the imagination might give rise to the pure white veil, a winged and hooded seamless cloak that doth dominate its dark but otherwise identical shadow.  From this unique form a pure and golden emission might spring forth to the accompaniment of an angel, whose light and airy wings brush the heightened auras of those in their presence

Somewhere in the endless night (also ‘one’, see Numbers) occurred this true vision that eclipsed all others so far received:








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