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The Beloved


How I have dreamed of thee, my secret love, in days of never-ending summer and nights of infinite stars.  Unfolded were thee in total perfection, before my very eyes, lovely and unbending as the single golden lotus of Eden's vale - that flower which doth reveal in its beauty a vision of the coming magus, who walks in solitude amongst the gardens of my desire.  Long is the road that would lead me to my secret love, marked only by the scent of the ever-opening bloom, and a charm the magus weaves is cast before my longing face as a veil of beauty that should intoxicate my senses beyond the realm of understanding.  Alone am I in comprehension of this mystery, which leads me to journey far along this, the only path I know.  The moment has now come that I know not from whence I came, for no longer do I recognise the destination of my soul, in acceptance that it should be found with you. 

Love art thou but a dream that my restless heart might seek thee in the vastness of space, all within the yearning of my hidden mind?  Would the road I now travel lead me unbeknownst to thy furthest place, or shall it in time reveal beyond the mists a resting place in the centre of your peace?  In spiral formations do the things of nature attain to thy perfection and I revolve in a cosmic dance through generations created by an exodus of the spirit, driven onwards by a desire to join with the infinite source of love.  As must the Earth for its rotation, so shall my search depend upon the origins of illumination, driven purely by the longing for my one and only secret love, who I would serenade by moonlight with heavenly compositions.  The universal orchestra shall be conducted through the mythic muse in me, as mystic songs reveal to thee the boundless depths of my heart's delight.  The scene as it transpires would be invisible to all but I and the spirit of my beloved, played out from the bridge of twilight, which doth join the lateness of my day with the evening of thy hidden place. 

You walk through the entrance of the night and wait in the city of your silence, while I seek the singular vision of thy self before my eyes.  As I move forever into the unknown, which doth girdle the longing of my dreams, that which is uncertain passes me by and images of former selves disintegrate like the world as she travels through the ages.  What remains would seem unreal were it not for the ever-present and all-powerful promise of thy sacral nirvana where you, my secret love, walk on as one with night, whilst I must live to hope that in the dawn we shall rise again together.

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