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The Dream

In the dream, two sat waiting for the coming of the promised land. They sat each upon a straight-backed chair, set high above a green valley, and looked far into the distance, into the sky at the evolving ether, where the clouds first reflected colours from the rising sun. Peaks were seen from the swathes of golden and rosy mists, temples and great palaces of the wondrous kingdom from which the creatures of the new world raised their noble heads.

On clouds did this kingdom descend and, when it came, the two sprang up from their appointed places and ran out to greet the leader of the race, who crossed the fated valley at the speed of light without a single step. As one they reached him and flung themselves in awe at his feet; one did speak urgently in an ancient tongue, while the other listened and waited in silence. To this one who waited did the leader speak, his face level with hers on the ground, and verily did he reveal to her the secret of her heart before passing by in the Westerly direction from whence the two had come.
The sun had risen before the eyes of the beloved, the first rays cast in a splendid burst, herald of the dawning, bringer of the new day. The speed with which the light travelled was so swift that it passed before being known as anything other than the matter of fact, so tangible was its life-giving effect. Transcendently, it gave to the present a promise for the future, through the understanding that it was known only as it passed and must exist in itself in a realm beyond that which is seen or heard, beyond time, outside space. The promise is timeless, an eternal point of awakening. It is recognition of the light as it reaches those who must wait, who give praise at its perpetual coming but long to be taken with it as it passes, annihilating darkness in its wake. The celestial runes of the cosmic author show and have shown in the stars, signs that eternal life is at the end of death.
MANY are those who would give love unreservedly so the world might be saved and people might live as pure beings, without fear, sorrow or affliction. Wherever there is lack of love there is sadness and desolation and for as long as there is pain in one there will be pain in us all.

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