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The New World

The woman lay naked on the chest of the man, reborn by his side, and felt the new spirit of love begin to awaken. “Adam?” she said, in recognition of his golden face, “Eve?” he replied doubtfully after some prompting (his memory for names was not always the best). He repeated the whispered mention of her name, seeing as he no longer recalled sounds in the same way, although he had to acknowledge her presence as revealed by beauty in his kingdom. The first time, Eve had the advantage of being a second skin, and never fearing that first lone passage of the earth to a breathing being. The beautiful bridge of twilight bore Eve’s enigma onto a brighter side of night.
It was suggested to this most recent Adam by Eve that they really should remain in paradise this time around, seeing as they had managed to retain a portion of the essence of their original realm, even though so many ages had past and so much had apparently been destroyed. It was true after all that not everything had been lost forever and even just the memory of Eden, kept alive by their love throughout the whole of history, was worth keeping safe. Adam agreed instantly - he was a stronger man by this time - and when Eve mentioned the snake that would not release its grip on her heart he immediately summoned the strength to call for its expulsion.
At the sound of the word ‘expulsion’, she first remembered that fateful day and felt a momentary pang that the same would inevitably happen again, even after eternity. A moment later, however, with the wisdom and security gained throughout the ages, Eve realized that it was within his power to banish the demon from their life; Time and again he had said with confidence that snakes were afraid of him and this was sufficient for them both; he had become a man worthy of the name.
The devil lost his grip, finally, thanks be to God, although the woman had to face a sickness and a final bout of threshing before she was wholly rid of the terrible fiend.
By a strange coincidence, confirmation on Earth as it is in Heaven could be seen even at the moment of the Demon’s banishment by man, for a frail and aged Pontiff appeared on their television set at precisely the right moment and appeared to commit an incredible act of exorcism in the woman’s eyes. It was, after all, his birthday.
The initial sight of him gesticulating vigorously alarmed Eve for a moment and she said that he was like a strange kind of wizard. She was not actually opposed to the established hierarchy of the church, having experienced it first hand, but Adam agreed with her because he had no love for the priesthood, which he saw as a root of evil. The fact remained, however, that neither of them had ever witnessed such a feat before and whether or not the priest cast out the devil would appear to be a matter of opinion. The end result remained just the same in any case and the free spirit reigned.
From the mythical sub-atomic journey into the core to the ultrasonic mathematical age of ascent, a perfect state of cosmic historical balance was achieved, with a new age of love at the axis. This is quite surely a happy conclusion and should not be underplayed, so may we all please come together right now, in sweet harmony, and give thanks to the Beloved.

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