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Romance is an ethereal quality, best realised in terms of atmosphere, for with wings on air are the children of romance conveyed. The words of songs reveal truth in this way and the woman heard much to enrich the mystic principle of her longing for romantic love. In song she, but not she alone, heard the words of God and music of angels; occasionally also the actual voices of angels, which are well known to be of exceedingly pure tone. Each winged guardian, messenger, or greater than these, doth hold within (transcendently to ourselves) a single perfect note to be aspired to. There is a lesson in life which is truly a joy to learn: Absolute as number, meaningful as words, are the given musical keys, the Strings of Life.
Following repeated magical hearings of these keys whilst in pursuit of truth, through a multitude of inspired mediums, the woman understood the planetary alignment that had begun late in April, 2002. The alignment provided a triumphant sign for her union with Peter, who shared her passion. On one particular night they were once again on the water, entertained on this occasion by a music master who was located in the bottom deck of the ship. The Master mindfully went about his appointed business, which was setting out a musical journey. The dulcet tones drifted skyward to where he and she sat, giving her cause again for recollection…

Many moons ago, during the age accentuated by drama she had received an amazing gift which by the process of divine intervention, permitted the casting of evolutionarily uplifting spells (see Appendix 2 on Casting Spells). On that fateful night the same music master had shaken her hand and agreed to be her personal Music Master in heaven. He recognized in her the deadly power of the female species but wondered anew at the force that made pure its potential through sheer radiant beauty. In truth her invitation to him had been his reward for a continuing lifetime of love and inspiration through music and he barely hesitated before making the starry commitment.
She was reminded of the immanent truth as the Master fulfilled part of that commitment while she sat on the elevated plane above the still water, beneath the sparkling skies.
It was seven days after that night when the DJ received word from her that the gates of heaven had opened. It was a summon, and so he replied that it was indeed ‘destiny’. At first he did not recognize the unfamiliar numbers that came out of nothingness, but the invocation of starlight by the mistress of his appointed afterlife revealed, on impulse, the point of the (textual) message.
Before the music master was reminded of his destiny, however, he continued to play for the benefit of new lovers across the world. The moon that night in April was perfectly halved by Earth, revealing so sure a reflection of light that it appeared to be more than mere dust and shone as if for itself. Man and woman sat together on the boat, surrounded by their witnesses. They did not really think but they were alive; in Heaven, although he barely believed it, the smile on the woman’s face was radiant with gazing at the knowledge that to have written their names in the stars (see below for further details) had been a missive of epic dimensions; a testament to the distance of their ultimate destination, a symbol of their worth.
The universe, in forward-projecting dynamic agreement with the human motivation, had actually replied several earth years earlier in anticipation of the written response that was to formulate the perpetual identification of cosmos with self. Time, to the universe, was incomprehensible to short-lived species, irrelevant to itself, hence the apparent dislocation of cause and effect which permitted the macro to be effected in actuality prior to the understanding of its absolute significance - seeing as initial knowledge of an existence would normally be a prelude to its confirmation. Stunned into a fixation with its own intelligence, constantly moved by its own potential, with respect to its own elements and love for its creation, the universal language found expression even in the person of a supposed lunatic. Everything sang to high heaven, stimulated by transcendental belief and understanding of cosmic principals:

The physically attracted male had been instinctively captivated by the look in the woman’s eye - her left eye - much as she had been with his own two. Because the left eye was naturally the more powerful in terms of radiant emission (the she being genuinely left-eyed, although right-handed) he was consciously disconcerted to realise that her expression, or maybe his perception, may have been unbalanced and in need of a certain righteousness. The expression in the eye, however, was so inviting that to have resisted it would have involved the expenditure of an even more unreasonable amount of energy than would have been necessitated by a loose engagement with the one on the left.
They therefore enjoyed the unbalanced pleasure which is usually forbidden but which, for them, was possible through a twist of fate; although both understood that the dangerous state of affairs would at certain point become fatal. At the right moment - as soon as the pertinent mythic consciousness of Ra was understood and rejuvenated - the woman determined to rectify the fault and encouraged him to look deeply into her right eye. When he saw her from this side he began to fall in love with her and, consequently, she with him. His conviction and her madness, and vice versa, were set to transform into admiration, for their similarity to that which was dreamed of in moments of release.
In the meanwhile - later in that night of rarely aligned planets - the man steadily fixed his eyes on the beaming princess as she drew his attention to her self and completely unconsciously - her own mind full to the brim with blissful ingredients -virtually begged him to eat her cake. Practically polishing her halo, the prima donna pouted her lips and presented them for kissing, hands above head. Fairy lights twinkled in her brain, electric sparks flew out of her gigantic pupils and rockets exploded all around as men in their vicinity saw the spirit of feminine seduction let loose, and that He was the one she had first set eyes on.
They had already left the boat and entered the very fabric of the great city, within which the vibration of tribal music pounded so hard that the foundations shook. He leant back against one and pulled her to him again so they were kissing; kissing, they were always kissing. Bodies all around them moved in time and upon their physical contact the whole place suddenly went wild with people cheering as lightening struck, not just the lovers, but a good cross section of witnesses as well. Elsewhere fights broke out as frustrated males took the shock of defeat with the correct degree of bad temper.
This was a psychedelic experience, it is true, but it was still more than clear that they were made to mate. So strong was this conviction that the woman who was once so reserved threw caution to the wind and let her mind be carried away. Her body was given, therefore, in total abandonment, but so freely that it was still possible to discern the highest design in her actions. This freedom with which she gave herself permitted him a degree of enlightenment, and awakened memories and dreams of once-forgotten days. Bells in the future started chiming, heard through the flash fulfilment of energy potential.
In later days they would reminisce on how the Earth had moved, both smiling as the turning world continued to rotate beneath them, roundly, talking of the moment they’d first laid eyes on each other.
He had carried her from one life to the next, literally, the moment he slammed the door on the rest of the world and picked her up in his arms, almost before they had managed to say a full sentence to one another. They had barely spoken the same language. There are many possible interpretations of the relationship that developed between the man and the woman, and many clues to the secret of their attraction.
The first, for example, was simply based on appropriate biological features - his height, her body, two sets of blonde hair, and the way they moved - towards each other - both gliding head and shoulders above the rest.
The next was chemical; the presence of one was accompanied by hormonal signals which affected the other with something akin to mild shock - comparable to the audition of a sudden, almost audible, yet totally inexplicable sound.
The third was physical; in the instant their eyes met the light from each pair
generated spontaneous continuous fusion and caused them to come together in a big bang following a massive build-up of energy.
This was a reaction that went, therefore, through biology and beyond chemistry into the realm of pure physics (a science which deals with the ‘properties and interactions of matter and energy’. It is derived from the Greek word phusika, which means, roughly, natural things. Logical deductions were made swiftly and precisely by each, in accordance with best scientific practice and, all things being equal, the opportunity to fulfil the obvious potential was acted upon with great determination and expertise in the spirit of creation with respect to natural laws.

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