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All in the Mind, Out of the Mind (the first instruction)

By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit I declare myself to be a defender of the true faith. By the knowledge given to me by God as His witness I offer this testimonial, which it is my sworn duty to impart.
The text is being produced now because it is the appointed time and the necessary lessons (including encryption of sacred messages that they might be safely disseminated) have been learned throughout the last aeon. There has been made possible an initiation, but how is still not revealed.
The code was given in accordance with the law and it is to be hoped that the overall text has not been literally compromised by the parameters of its forceful creation. It should be understood that the purpose behind this writing was not for the sake of art entirely; may any suggestion of artifice be forgiven as it is seen (through the invocation of inspired geniuses) that the nature of this commission was the determining factor. It is true indeed that secrecy was sworn but permitted was I to present this as the veil of our revelation;
Knowledge of the days, understanding of the word, these are what I would give thee. Also the true religions, journeys and other dimensions, in order that the meaning in life might be seen for what it has been, is and might be. There are then other things, all of which have been given a place herein, but if it appears to be in haste that they were written (time was running out) know that eternity, infinity, consciousness, are to be given true definition once again in this place. You shall see.
There are books in life which contain the spirit of divinity, some of them concealed while others are in history; nothing here should refute any scripture, commandment, or work of a teacher of wisdom. May this indeed be a hymn of praise to the eternal truth therein.
Contributors to this work have in many instances remained anonymous, while others are recognisable. Either way, it is possible to divine their names within the text, for it is my will that credit and remembrance be give to the unbroken stream of instigators who determined with love and commitment the continuation of divine promise throughout the ages.
It is true that the principles invoked and included shall make their impression regardless of the degree to which they have been recognized. That which is meant to be known was, is, and shall be known, and that which is truly a mystery shall forever be concealed in space, by time (the only point), except from music, mathematics of the divine brain, and the wondrous nature of being.

The Evolution

It was heard in the beginning that time should stand still so as One would be formed that might ultimately become our Universe. But then it was known that the One is many and even all, appearing in myriad guises, natural or angelic, mystic or mathematical, one and the same. Time and again was it seen that one is essentially three combined, forever meaning two with the third one in-between. There is a catalyst or enzyme, an originator and a creation.
The things which are written of were usually seen, frequently heard, in many ways experienced directly, yet very often received by means of another - each other in reality – as perpetual dialogue between the elements combined in the creation. What has come to pass is now a matter of course and the sparkling river would flow freely to the boundless ocean, where every drop is as one with endlessness.
There has been a trial of extremes with repeated virtual deaths, as every atom quaked before the terrible face of omnipotence, one day lovelier than the instrument of peace, the One who breathes light, one day darker than the shades, as One inhaling our decay. The end was known from the very beginning, and history has arisen from the midst that has been time.
Over many years (deemed more than one lifetime) the strength was raised in order that the secret history and hidden knowledge might be imparted. This, by the grace of God, in the light of love, was revealed during the ‘age of Aquarius’, or since the 21st year on the eve of the same century, in preparation for the millennium and apocalypse, as it was begun herein, around 1996 AD, in Spring and Summer. This is what has been remembered. This is The Age.
Now the age has come to pass, the original state, seen and unseen, is accessible to all who would inhabit the sacred realm. The word of the realm is clearly defined and may be literally understood.  It contains the aspect of truth.
The way in which the creative word is uttered, is a key of power, the residue of which remains within the shadow of the word in its written form. This is the secret of intonation.
The master of the word bears this secret gift with determination, using it lightly and with free will. There are also always guides, who or which may be invoked by one who speaks in accordance with divine inner nature, according to a right of way. Such Mercurial communication arose as a consequence of civilization, but to be sure there is yet a voice which speaks in one tongue to all and is manifest on this face, of the deep. This is the truth, I give my Word.
There is embodied within the written text an observation that mistakes have surely been made, for this has been a complicated mix of thoughts, words and deeds– a minefield of possible interpretations. It should be seen and heard that repentance has been brought into actualization, now fully activated by the collective knowledge of the requisite number of beings. May the spirit of the offering be received as it was made, with pure intent, in the knowledge that all sacrifices are ultimately redeemed by God in Heaven, on Earth. The perfect sacrifice is that which is most beautiful, which is to say most dearly beloved, and need not now involve the corporeal shedding of blood. This is spoken. This is the Confession.
There are those who would dread that the deepest esoteric secrets and teachings of the original universal states would be exposed and taken in vain, and it is to be hoped that the encryption is secure enough to prevent wrongful disclosure. On the other hand – the broader more forgiving view of the right – is the proposal that everything once kept as a reserve for the few should now be made available to one and all.
To remain open to evolutionary change is a fundamental duty of the priests of true religions. To proceed with care is necessary, the task being both delicate and complex, for there is a paradox which must be maintained in order to preserve mystical essence, the corpus of strength, whilst ensuring that light within this body is allowed to penetrate beyond the boundaries of dogma. That which has been founded, built of faith, hope and love, with blood, sweat and tears, shall contain within it the seed of its own destruction if there is but one life, but one death, one way of reincarnation and one promise of resurrection. This is why we cried. This is the Mystery.
That all was created through the technicolour language of love, with joy and pain, is known because the writing on the walls has been seen. The consequential beauty was so immeasurable as to be rendered invisible to the naked eye in all ways but one, which is nature unveiled. This in itself, that which is usually seen, is the perpetual dying of an immaculate conception, made immaculate because it was brought into being that it may be more than a figment of love’s imagination. The perfect original as it came into effect during the given age is therefore experienced, but frequently unknown. This has been shown. This is the Creation.
There is more that could be said of the creation, but the only word capable of defining this much is held within. The captive heart of love is bound forever by the memory of how it felt to remember this. It is known that in every sense was made manifest the dream, as eyes opening for the first time from an eternity of night caught sight of light’s birth, and sounds more clear than even an alchemy of music arose, descended, and were received by wondrous insight.
The scent of rose, jasmine and hyacinth pervaded the ether with complexity and the freshness of each bloom survived the whispering wind with sublime grace. Such was the air of paradise, where every sweet deflection was a blend more captivating than the muse of Orpheus. Like dulia dripping from the diadem of the mother of Earth did water descend from the sparkling sphere of heavens above, quenching the yearning world as if ambrosia touching the tongues of aboriginals.
Fortune was blessed as a spectrum of light stretched across the soul’s plane to show that the mirror of heaven is upon the Earth. This is to bring hope anew to whosoever hath fainted from despair and sees, though they cannot believe, that the circle of the arch of the sky is completed beneath the surface of the oceans and sands. Later shall they remember what it means. Most tender, bespoke, begotten, unknown except as angelic beauty, did the indigenous being experience the breath of the beloved against untainted flesh. The touch of One made complete the extraordinary sensation of living and final was this seal, now revealed as the perfect kiss of death; that each and every one dies of love. Our destination, my eschatology.

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