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A Truth has literally been reached above (ultimately, notwithstanding any degree or ellipse) because now that the beginning is essentially left as a bold alpha there is a distinct place from which the body (or centre) might be reached. It is the gate itself, which leads with determination to absolute possibility, whence is drawn the final infinity, as yet unmentioned (although it is known now that endlessness contains singular repetition of its eternal origin). Whilst it has been seen that key statements were positioned before Alpha, without it there would have been no structured meaning upon which the (literally) creative architecture could depend. From hereon (given that Alpha has been brought into effective consciousness) progression is inevitable and definitely irresistible.
Opposition would therefore come in the form of immovability, as is well known. Relative density can be hard to break through and (it is understood that) heaviness is due to the force of gravity which is, in a definite sphere, (earth) bound to prevent the preternatural flight of ungrounded objects; though severely restrictive, it provides a degree of stability by means of solid grounding.
The opposite of grounding will transpire when effected by light. In so far as an enigma may be solved, one might acknowledge that it is the butterfly (in accordance with the mystery of transformation) which has been the guardian of heaven’s gateway, the magic door, the alchemic impression of light’s generative fusion, universally apparent to the obedient creatures of Earth, but not an easily perceived manifestation for others; thus the winged guide. A window into the world may thus be opened. A glimpse from an alternative plane reveals much that is otherwise invisible yet perpetually evolving, in the spirit of creation.
That which is actively revealing can be as ephemeral and fragile in itself as it is ungovernable, and in its beauty a symbol of how perfection is attainable only in the sense that it may not be grasped without also being destroyed, although it may rest on one at random, as a free gift.
There is also, by way of total contrast, the dilemma that is posed by knowledge of (or exposure to) the darkly negative state, present in each atom. In accordance with a formerly proscribed situation there are electro-magnetic paths which comprise the details of its unproductive domains, and entities or parts thereof which respond to the subtracted influence. To be sure of the self, pure of intent and in possession of a strong will should provide the means for discernment between the active, positive, progressive responses and their opposite analogous consequences. Sanctuary lies in the clear distinction between the one true way (the fate of atomic principles) and the resistant factors to irreversible continuous decline, whereby the incarnate form dies and the pure energy within is released. The human spirit transcends every natural law except that which makes certain its return to true potential.
Although it is a fact that return will be to the indestructible origin of light, shadows of things must also be present in some state, first for relief, but also as physical symptoms of darkness. Protection from loss and abandonment in the darkness comes through confidence in the efficacy and permanence of light, the recognition of multi-lateral beliefs and individual faith in one’s actual part in the creative force. Vocalisation is usually required, for through the communication of energy is reached an understanding of limitation, which may be revoked via resonant expression through space. I BELIEVE; it is not merely the language, as spoken, but is also the tone of the voice which largely determines the result, with clear reception by means of another being a constant critical factor.
If, or when, the darkest of entities should arrive, the only advisable course is for the threatened individual to bring about connection with the divine light forces through a wilful invocation such as “God help me”. This can be very difficult to achieve as the hostile force will make any attempt to draw that which is desired away from that which is needed for its survival by the desired. Two, at least, have been faced with this fathomless depth of knowledge, which is practically beyond comprehension and literally indescribable. The way of fear has seemed to unlock an entrance into the realm where mysteries would be revealed and where only those who survive the onslaught, of Guardians and opposition alike, will have reason to utter the secret name of God, through which they are permitted to discover, then become, a stronger self.
There is a clear distinction between fear and terror, the former being natural, the second being outside the law, natural or otherwise. It is wise, therefore, to be prepared to face terror if necessary, without living in fear of it.
If all of this most recent history appears strange, confused or disjointed, it is because individual differences of character and being had to be drawn into the overall picture, which is nonetheless intended to be a universal statement. This is because the frailty – imperfection - of the human condition must be first recognized, accepted and then forgiven, if overall progress is to be made. This should not hinder anyone’s ability to channel, or reflect, the actual presence, the beauty of God.

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