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Sources and Citations Leading to Alpha (AKA Chaos Theory)

“Meek”, He said, “the World is Thine.
This the reason; Just, Divine.
Bless these words, inform the start:
Energy, Created Art.”

With hope came renewed vitality. The conduction of research necessary for outlining the textual body was a task of the highest degree, rarely achieved, which could only be undertaken with absolute devotion and commitment. Whenever a source of inspiration was recovered it was with painstaking care that a unique translation was attempted.

Original oddity
optimized on order of omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent OHM.

As you will have seen from the example given above, the earliest messages were simplistic in tone and affected the mind ecstatically, whilst defying to a certain extent the reasoning of the self.  This is because they were generated by a universal passionate mystery. The first source appears abbreviated when iterated in written modern language, so as to emphatically describe the invisible truth of the nature as yet to be revealed. Some cases, time being inexplicable, are virtually possible, and the meaning of others may have been somewhat distorted. There is much to be misunderstood except that nothing occurs in a vacuum, but is stimulated in non-defined ways, as a key.
What is lacking in written language may be gained in a cumulative sense through the consequential achievement of sound internal understanding of absolute forms and formulas. These may be known by the heart even as the mind closes. Though the mind is actually in possession of controlling functions, the heart contains crystalline physical potential for realisation while the body exists.  Healthy confidence in this, life’s blood, is thus imperative.
Confidence in and obedience towards God are the key factors in determining individual capacity for alpha-numeric belief and finite determination.....

What does this mean?

Care must be taken in the pursuit of pure truth, which is blinding and oftentimes may be examined safely only when obliquely. With certain things, literal explanations are not possible and sometimes it is enough to simply formulate an expression as a basis for further investigation. While formulas are useful, however, they are not absolute, but are generated in order to bring about controlled measurable circumstances and, in fact, to prove themselves. (They evidently serve a practical purpose as well).
Where there is shaky ground at present – clearly in odd places - a leap may be required in order to overcome this and for progression to be made. 
Regardless of any action or reaction regarding coded messages, there should always, by definition, be a fundamental refrain from denial of truth. The powerful quickening statements have usually been concentrated between lines to avoid (as far as possible) misinterpretation through refraction.
Of similar note was the potential temerity of untrammelled kinetic energy; unchecked speed during passage may result in highly volatile situations and one would rather not stimulate misunderstanding or misbehaviour as a consequence of what has been written. It has been found that, despite the hazards involved, initial characters evolved into intricate formulas and came through successfully, despite the immense distances that must be travelled by light waves. The trapping of time, furthermore, has been so critically restrictive for much of the present age such that the slowing-up of functions has been necessary, even though the results have not always been positively visible, except absolutely.
This was all supposed to be easy enough to understand for what it is if a little effort would only be applied when reading the text: Contradiction, when comprehended, is the determinant of movement, hence, with good reason is science, as religion, frequently referred to through bafflement of the other.

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